If you would prefer, you can print off a Directory Input form HERE, complete it and scan/email it back to us at naminorthsideatl@gmail.com.

NAMI Northside Directory Input Form

  • Major service category for the organization. More than one may be noted. E.g. Behavioral Health, Hospital, Physician, Legal, Day Treatment, Housing, Clinical Research, Employment, Transportation, Nutrition, Social, Disability Services, Service Animals, Newsletters, Events, Advocacy, Politicians, etc.
  • Published name of the organization.
  • e.g. Fulton
  • All counties served by the organization, or the ones you know of.
  • Main contact telephone for the organization
  • Name of organization's website
  • Contact person for information and intake. Include name and contact tel#, email and title if known.
  • Additional contacts, if any. May include potential helpful staff contacts and/or executives.
  • Summary of the primary mission with important services noted. Can usually get from their website.
  • Check Yes if you or someone close to you has had experience with this organization.
  • e.g. Insurance/Fee info, population serviced, organization size, ease of intake procedure, flexibility, overall experience, etc. Use your judgment here. Positive experiences will be very helpful to potential NAMI users.
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