2014 Survey Response Summary

NAMI Northside Atlanta (NNA) received a great response to the survey conducted last year. Thank you to the 92 members who took the time to express their views. These findings are being used to establish priorities for the future. Below is a summary of the findings.
Q1-Why have you joined or become interested in NAMI?

Parent of Adult Child                                          69%

Parent of Minor Child                                         11%

Spouse                                                                    3%

Sibling                                                                    15%

Other Relative or                                                    5%

Self                                                                           6%

(Some responses included more than one person)

Q2-What is or was the diagnosis of the person(s) in Q1?

Anxiety and/or Panic Disorder                             23%

Bipolar                                                                     42%

Schizophrenia                                                         32%

Depression                                                               30%

Borderline Personality Disorder                           19%

Substance Abuse                                                     18%

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder                              4%

Dual Diagnosis                                                        17%

Other                                                                        12%

(Many respondents selected more than one diagnosis)

Q3-Please indicate your opinion of the value of these NAMI Northside services or Programs.

(Ranked using scale 1-Very Valuable, 2-Valuable, 3-Fair, 4-Limited Value, 5-No Value)

Education Classes                                                  1.22

Support Groups                                                     1.32

Website (naminorthsideatlanta.org)                   1.52

Mental Health Fair (6-14-14)                                1.52

Monthly Education Meetings                               1.64

Monthly Newsletter                                              1.70

NAMI Walks                                                           1.90

Holiday Party                                                          2.11

Q4-Please indicate your interest in the following topics for Education Meetings.

(Ranked using scale 1-Very Interested, 2-Interested, 3-Neutral, 4-Limited Interest, 5-No Interest)

Medications/Pharmacology                                  1.46

Medication Studies                                                1.57

Neurological Research                                          1.58

State/Local Govt Programs                                   1.59

Legal Rights/Assistance                                         1.67

Social Security/Medical Benefits                          1.71

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training              1.75

Suicide Prevention                                                 1.76

Medical Disorders Defined                                   1.76

Vocational/Job Assistance                                    1.78

Consumer Programs                                             1.83

Housing                                                                  1.86

Self Care- Caregiver                                              1.89

Self Care- Consumer                                             1.92

Consumer Speakers                                              1.95

Day Programs                                                        2.09

Volunteer Opportunities                                      2.19

Q5- Please rate your location and availability preference for regular Education Meetings

The current plan that has schedules these meetings on the 4th Monday of most months was   ranked best. Dunwoody Methodist and Peachtree Presbyterian Church were ranked about equal as a location. No other alternatives were identified as superior.

Q6- We need volunteers to enhance our services to the North Atlanta Community. If interested in becoming a volunteer, please check your areas of interest and include your contact information.

Approximately one third of the respondents expressed interest or possible interest in volunteering. Several have been contacted and others will be contacted in the future. If you wish to volunteer and want immediate attention, please go to naminorthsideatlanta.org and select the “VOLUNTEER” button.

Q7,8,9- These questions dealt with service recommendations for the planned Support Directory, general recommendations and individual contact information of the respondents. This information is being use as part of the overall planning process.

We are considering the possibility of offering a structured interview conducted by a mental health professional. The purpose would be to understand your future needs and any gaps in treatment and services. This information would be reported in aggregate (not individually) to the state and other service organizations. If we can find a way to do this would you be interested in participating?

Yes                                        41

Maybe                                    3

No                                           9

Total Responses                  53



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