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NAMIWalk/Run info for Saturday!

Our 2014 NAMIWalk/Run is this Saturday, Nov 1! Don’t miss it!
Click NAMIWalks above for registration information.
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40,000 suicides annually, yet America simply shrugs

There’s a suicide in America every 13 minutes.
Americans are far more likely to kill themselves than each other. Homicides have fallen by half since 1991, but the U.S. suicide rate keeps climbing. The nearly 40,000 American lives lost each year make suicide the nation’s 10th-leading cause of death, and the second-leading killer for those ages 15-34. Each suicide costs society about $1 million in medical and lost-work expenses and emotionally victimizes an average of 10 other people.
Yet a national effort to stem this raging river of self-destruction — 90% of which occurs among Americans suffering mental illness — is in disarray.
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