Georgia on the Mend

Our NNA Mental Health Fair, “Georgia on the Mend”, is a celebration of the organizations and individuals who have been instrumental in opening the door to opportunities for recovery to individuals and families impacted by mental illness. Can you imagine all of the lost opportunities if people had just given up and said “I am just one person, what difference can I make.”? One of the NAMI Support Group quotes is “We will never give up hope”. Bringing together the community and mental health organizations is our way of saying there is hope for a better mental health system in Georgia. We have seen what works. We are highlighting the programs that work and encouraging the conversation about expanding these resources.
One such program that works is the Opening Doors to Recovery program (ODR). This program partnered with prisons and supported returning individuals impacted by mental illness to their communities along with assisting them to navigate the system and begin their path to recovery. The program put together peer, family and professional navigation specialists. This year we are fortunate to have Nora Haynes and Bill Carruthers on our panel at “Georgia on the Mend”. They are two key individuals who played instrumental parts in the Opening Doors to Recovery program. In addition we have Judge Jackson who initiated the creation of the Dekalb County Felony Mental Health Court. Both of these programs are helping individuals and families impacted by mental illness mend in Georgia. I encourage you to watch the following two videos to learn more: and


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