Schizophrenia and Computers!

Computer-Delivered Cognitive Training Significantly Helped Schizophrenia Patients in Rehab Setting
eNews from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
Cognitive difficulties experienced by people with schizophrenia are the symptoms of the illness that tend to have the greatest impact on daily functioning and overall quality of life. Individuals who have reduced interest in activities, problems remembering and learning, or interpreting verbal cues, find it very difficult to hold jobs or cultivate social relationships that are central in normal functioning.
Knowing that the medicines commonly used to treat psychotic symptoms have no meaningful impact on the cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia, researchers have been trying for years to find therapies that will specifically improve cognitive functioning. Targeted cognitive training (TCT) has recently been shown to have moderate to high effectiveness when administered in carefully controlled academic settings. The training method targets the brain’s auditory processing system, in which deficits have been shown to correlate with patients’ deficits in auditory perception and verbal learning.
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