Volunteer at 2nd Mental Health Fair

Our 2nd Mental Health Fair is approaching! We are in need of volunteers. Last year’s volunteers had a great time and helped make the event a rousing success!
If you can volunteer, please contact Beth Sanders at sand356@bellsouth.net
Here’s a list of volunteer activities.
Set up assistance on the day before the event at Peachtree Presbyterian (Friday)

4-5 people–assist with table set up, table labels and program/bag assembly.

Day of event (Saturday)

Morning volunteers (8am-9:45am):

3-assist exhibitors with set up

3- inflate balloons

3- place balloons and signs outside the building


3–Direct visitors to entrance

2–NAMI Northside exhibit table

2–Event entry table

2- NEA-BPD exhibit table

2- assist exhibitors with any needs (water, paper, etc)


3-direct visitors to entrance

2- NAMI Northside exhibit table

2- NEA-BPD exhibit table

2- Entry table


3- assist with collection of surveys

4- clean up

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