Out of the dark – a personal story

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Kimberly Minor sits with her parents Stephen and Geneva at their Lithonia home. Kimberly, a student at Georgia Perimeter College, had a mental breakdown during her first year of college at Clark Atlanta University. She spent several years in recovery and is now graduating this May with a 2-year degree. She has become a spokeswoman for mental health issues, and started a branch of Alive Minds, a mental health support organization on college campuses.

Here is her story.

Kimberly Minor drove pell-mell from Clark Atlanta University, where she was a freshman, and pulled into the steep driveway of her parents’ three-story stucco house on a cul-de-sac in Lithonia. Her father, Stephen, a heavyset man with close-cropped hair, came out of his basement office, surprised to see his daughter in mid-afternoon.

“Dad, I quit my job,” she announced as she got out of the car.

“What?” he exclaimed in amazement. “You can’t do that.” He was stunned as he pulled her roller-bag of papers and books into the house. She was so proud of her internship at Morehouse School of Medicine, where she helped with communications, putting together newsletters and press releases.

“You didn’t give two weeks’ notice?” he demanded. “I taught you better than that.”

Kimberly Minor loses and finds her way after a sudden emotional breakdown during her first year in college.

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