NIMH director leaves post to run Google mental health initiative

Dr. Thomas Insel, neuroscientist and Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, will step down Nov. 1, after serving in that capacity for 13 years, to join Google Life Sciences (GLS) to spearhead a new effort focusing on mental health.
“The GLS mission is about creating technology that can help with earlier detection, better prevention, and more effective management of serious health conditions. I am joining the team to explore how this mission can be applied to mental illness,” Insel wrote, “That the life sciences team at Google would establish a major exploration into mental health is by itself a significant statement — recognizing the burden of illness from psychosis, mood disorders, and autism as well as the opportunity for technology to make a major impact to change the world for the millions affected. The Google philosophy has been to seek a 10x impact on hard problems. I am looking forward to a 10x challenge in mental health.”
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