Silver Lining Project April update

April 7,  2014 update

Dear Silver Lining Friends:

We had another enthusiastic meeting.  The primary topic was how to collect information for a new Services Directory that we expect to be delivered in both hard copy and on line.  See meeting agenda attached below.

The purpose of the directory is to provide information that is not easy to find, particularly for those who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly searching for help.  In many instances our NAMI members will have had experience with the services which can provide added value.  We will start collecting input from our most active Silver Lining folks soon.  We will gradually roll it out to the others and then the entire membership.  This entire process may take about 6 months.

In addition we discussed several other topics. We are about to receive ballots for the NAMI Georgia election. Please vote.  Jean Milkey is making great progress in moving toward a school education program.

Last, but not least, our very successful NAMI Northside Atlanta Mental Health Fair will be held again on June 14th at Peachtree Presbyterian.  Mark your calendars to attend.

Best Regards,
Bill McClung

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