Silver Lining Project Feb update

Dear NAMI Northside Members and Friends:

Yesterday we had an initial planning session for The Silver Lining Project (SLP).  We had 14 active participants and 4 others  who were able to join us for the review (for a total of 18).  The enthusiasm and participation was heartening especially considering that several others wished to participate but had conflicts.  It appears we have a nucleus of about 25 people who intend to be active in the project and others who are interested and may join us in the future.  Hopefully, the bad weather is behind us.

Attached you will find an agenda and a summary of the group opinion on the importance of several organizations and services.  In the near future we will communicate the initial reports from the two work sessions conducted: “Who you Gonna Call?” and Housing.

It was agreed that in addition to other means of communications we should meet again on a Saturday for at least the next two months. Look for specific dates in the near future.  Also, we will keep SLP reports available on our website which, incidentally, is now attracting about 1000 unique users monthly.   A few of you are not members; please consider joining.

Please keep in mind this is a multi-year project. Those of us involved are very excited by the chance to make a difference.

Best Regards,
Bill McClung

Agenda and meeting summary

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