Silver Lining Project March update

Project update March 17, 2014
Dear Silver Lining Supporter:

This past Saturday a small but very enthusiastic group of us met. We have moved ahead in several areas and as a group were very passionate about the opportunity to improve mental health support. Several people had other commitments and we tentatively plan to meet again on Monday April 7th in the evening to accommodate more participation. Watch for confirmation soon.

Here are some meeting highlights.

1. Work Group Reports:  Dave Lushbaugh reviewed the “Who you gonna call?’ report and Lori Brickman reviewed the Housing report. They are attached. The common denominator of both groups was to develop a directory of support services and organizations that can be a help to NAMI Northside Atlanta (NNA) members and residents.

2. NAMI Northside Directory of Services:  We reviewed a preliminary form to be used to capture the relevant information needed to go into our directory. Several considerations were discussed including the amount and type of information, who to include, how to get the work done, agencies with existing directories and how to deliver the information. The group who attended are working on this and we will request help from others in the near future.

3. Additional Areas of Focus:  We will add the investigation of Clubhouses to the Housing Work Group. Susie Kyle and Bill McClung will work with Lori Brickman to coordinate that effort. Also, we are beginning to gain momentum on the important topic of School Education. This will be a specifically defined effort and at least six people have expressed an interest in participating. Jean Milkey is investigating this topic and existing support from NAMI. Her findings and recommendations will be communicated when she has learned more.

4. General Discussion:  We had a general discussion of several topics. We may modify the Silver Lining Project name to something like Silver Lining Vision. Dot Keith has worked up some attractive potential designs. A member survey will be conducted at a future date (expanded from one done last year). It will probably be most effective to conduct it after our 2nd NNA FAIR planned for June 14th. Karla Koop has recommended some improved technology approaches including an invitation system called “Eventbrite” which should help significantly with the FAIR.

5. Some Important NNA Calendar Events- Please make a note of them:

-March 24th (and every 4th Monday)- Education Meeting 7:30PM- come early

-April 7th- Next Silver Lining Meeting Monday April 7th- 7PM (to be confirmed)

-April 26th- NAMI Georgia Annual Meeting -April-May- Fundraising Planning -June 14th- NNA Mental Health Fair (Peachtree Presbyterian)

-July-Sept- Continued Silver Lining Focus

-Oct 4th- NAMI Walks (Piedmont Park)

Best Regards,
Bill McClung 770-605-0787


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