Silver Lining Project Plan


The area served by NAMI Northside Atlanta will become a “world class” environment for lifetime services and support of Serious Mental Illness (SMI).


To implement a project plan that results in significant improvement to multiple areas affecting mental health support.  The plan will be implemented incrementally for and by   NNA members and friends over a three year period.


There are three primary goals with improvements expected throughout the project.

  • Who you Gonna Call? – Clearly define and develop a process that improves selection of and access to support services.
  • Clubhouse- Define and create one or more clubhouses in NNA’s area.
  • Housing- Understand existing alternatives and requirements. Recommend and secure improvements and new choices based on findings.

Implement and enhance support in three areas related to project success

  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising Events (FAIR, Holiday Party, NAMI Walks)
 General Guidelines
  • Work groups will be formed for each of the three major goals.
  • The overall project must become a team effort and have an attitude of unity of purpose for the greater good of NNA members and families.
  • Each work group will be responsible to educate themselves, contact support organizations, take initiatives and make detailed recommendations.
  • Members should determine a balance between independent and shared activity.
  • Communication should be determined by each work group with a commitment to make monthly reports to the full project group.

 Preliminary Action Plan- initial ideas subject to modification as the project progresses

 Work Groups (Teams)

Three teams of approximately 6-10 participants are recommended.  Each group would work independently but meet periodically to share and merge findings with the overall    project.  Leadership and regular communications would be determined by each team.

1. Who You Gonna Call?

-Identify and be educated on 25-50 or more support organizations available to NNA

-Determine current and potential contribution of these organizations

-Negotiate with those offering potential to improve services to NNA

-Develop ‘flow chart” of how an individual or family can get the support they need

-In parallel, develop a data gathering plan to document NNA experiences and outcomes

2.  Clubhouse

-Identify and research successful clubhouses in multiple locations

(E.g. Community Friendship (CFI), Chattanooga, Greenville, Tulsa, St. Louis, Mass., etc.)

-Contact ICCD (300+) for type, operation, cost, funding and related information

-Develop a specific plan for NNA geography leading to one clubhouse in 2015

-Implement additional clubhouses in 2016 and beyond if required

3.  Housing

-Research and categorize all potential housing accessible to NNA geography

-Become knowledgeable of cost, vouchers, safety, rules, location, etc.

-Define requirements for housing needed for NNA individuals with SMI

-Develop a comprehensive and vetted listing.  Recommend enhancements to existing housing and new housing as required.

Support Activities

Three support activities are required by NNA overall and will become critical to the success of the project.  Specific requirements and recommendations from each work group are expected.

  • Advocacy
  • Events (FAIR, NAMI Walks, Holiday Party, Other?)
  • Fundraising

All members of the project team will have the opportunity to participate in these activities and, hopefully, the entire membership will join them as needed.

Work Group Summary and Report

-Each group to complete monthly for integration to overall project report

Title (e.g. Clubhouse Work Group)

Background and Purpose


Participants and Leadership

-Each team to select leader(s) and have NNA Board advisers


Cost & Resources


1Q-2Q 2014

2H 2014




-Decide on use of email, conference calls, meetings, etc.


-Complete Monthly Progress Report as addendum to this format

January 27m, 2014

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