Silver Lining Project Vision and Mission Statement


The area served by NAMI Northside Atlanta will become a “world class” environment for lifetime services and support of Serious Mental Illness (SMI).


To implement a project plan that results in significant improvement to multiple areas affecting mental health support.  The plan will be implemented incrementally for and by NNA members and friends over a three year period.


There are three primary goals with improvements expected throughout the project.

  • Who you Gonna Call? – Clearly define and develop a process that improves selection of and access to support services.
  • Clubhouse- Define and create one or more clubhouses in NNA’s area.
  • Housing- Understand existing alternatives and requirements. Recommend and secure improvements and new choices based on findings.

Implement and enhance support in three areas related to project success:
Events (FAIR, Holiday Party, NAMI Walks)

General Guidelines
  • Work groups will be formed for each of the three major goals.
  • The overall project must become a team effort and have an attitude of unity of purpose for the greater good of NNA members and families.
  • Each work group will be responsible to educate themselves, contact support organizations, take initiatives and make detailed recommendations.
  • Members should determine a balance between independent and shared activity.
  • Communication should be determined by each work group with a commitment to make monthly reports to the full project group.
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