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NAMI Basics

As of March 16th, 2020 all NAMI Northside Atlanta classes, support groups and programs will be conducted virtually if applicable due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

NAMI Basics is the new signature education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses. The NAMI Basics course is taught by trained teachers who are the parent or other caregivers of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.

  • Recognition of mental illness as a continuing traumatic event for the child and the family
  • Sensitivity to the subjective emotional issues faced by family caregivers and well children in the family
  • Recognition of the need to help ameliorate the day-to-day objective burdens of care and management
  • Gaining confidence and stamina for what can be a lifelong role of family understanding and support
  • Empowerment of family caregivers as effective advocates for their children

The goals of the NAMI Basics course are: to give the parent/caregiver the basic information necessary to take the best possible care of their child, their family and themselves, to help the parent/caregiver cope with the impact that mental illness has on the child living with the illness and the entire family; to provide tools for the parent/caregiver to use even after completing the program that will assist them in making the best decisions possible for the care of the child.

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