14 Principles For Family Members On How To Cope

1 Realize that mental illness is not rare.

2 Learn as much as possible, as soon as possible.

3 Don’t blame yourself – it can destroy your chances of coping forever.

4 Seek professional helpers who are effective.

5 Contact a self-help group for families.

6 Accept that mental illness is complex. Our natural instincts can be an unreliable guide. Relatives need training.

7 Get to know the origins of pressures to which family members are subject.

8 Pay special attention to the needs of other members of the family.

9 Remember that unlimited, unconditional self-sacrifice on behalf of someone with a mental illness is fatal to effective caring and coping.

10 Be aware that spending massive amounts of time with the person who has a mental illness can make matters worse.

11 Maintain friendships, activities and hobbies, particularly those that will take you outside the home.

12 Set your sights on appropriate independence for your relative and yourself.

13 Don’t be surprised to find that the ability to change and look at things differently distinguishes relatives who can cope from those who can’t.

14 Take very good care of yourself.

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  1. The first question I must ask is this: What is your reionnasg for looking for people outside of the mental health community who understands? This is my opinion and only based upon my beliefs and experiences. There are only a few of “regular/normal” people that can truly sympathize and understand anyone with mental illnesses. A lot of the doctors/psychologists don’t even truly understand. They can be the most intelligent person and have read every single book there is out there but if they have not experienced it or had someone close to them experience it, then they have no clue to what it is. Most of “them” cannot even comprehend a little about our minds. We can tell them all day long but really they can’t understand it.I haven’t had the reaction of someone running away screaming either. But they look at you differently. They can’t understand your mood swings or self harm thoughts as a person with the same situation can.There are a lot of good kind nice people out there, and it is not their fault their minds can’t comprehend ours. I just don’t think they can ever fully understand.

  2. Great piece of information! May I reference part of this on my blog if I post a backlink to this webpage? Thanks.